HD Dragons

Our youngest age group class designed to introduce your child to the fundamentals of martial arts as well as cultivating discipline and life skill that will benefit all aspects of life.

About the class

HD Dragon class is an age specific programme for children aged 5 – 6 years. Our programme teaches not only Martial Arts, it teaches children to be good citizens and prepares them for adult life. Therefore units in safety and life skills, will aid them in becoming well-rounded individuals, as a result of developing their social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills.

What we will learn

  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Discipline
  • Fitness
  • Focus
  • Co-operation
  • Listening
  • Respect
  • Independence
  • Confidence
  • Memory
  • Teamwork
  • Safety
  • someword

How it works

The HD Dragon Programme runs on a 10 week cycle. In each cycle your child will learn a life skill and a safety skill. They will learn Martial Arts techniques relevant to their grade in the HD Dragon syllabus. At the end of each cycle they will be take part in a grading. As a result each student who enters the grading will earn their next grade and receive the appropriate belt and certificate. The first two lessons is an introduction to the course and after the second week, your child will have earned their first belt: The white belt. The total length of the course will be approximately 12 months. Their belts will all be white belts with a different colour stripe through each one. The colour order is as follows: white, red, green, yellow, brown, HD Dragon Black Belt. When your child completes the HD Dragon Programme they will then be promoted into Children’s Class. Children (ages 7-9)

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