Worried about starting our Adults classes? Our classes cater to all levels, with HD coaches who ensure improvement follows at your own pace, in a supportive environment where members empathize with beginners.

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Hands Down offers a variety of weekly lessons with the flexibility to attend as many as you desire. Our Mixed Adults classes are dynamic, enjoyable, and aimed at providing a comprehensive workout while imparting crucial self-defence techniques. We guide you through the Belt Syllabus, conducting gradings every quarter, and cater to individuals at all skill levels, with top-notch coaches to support your progress. Our top-tier classes not only improve fitness and maintain it but also contribute to weight loss, boost confidence, and self-esteem. Additionally, they equip you with self-defence skills, offer a social training environment, and provide the opportunity to forge friendships and connect with like-minded individuals.

Concerned about joining our Adults classes for the first time? Many individuals worry about their starting level and feel the necessity to get fit before joining. However, our adults classes are tailored to accommodate everyone. Our HD coaches consistently encourage you to do what you can, as improvement will naturally follow, alleviating any concerns about your current fitness level. Our members were once beginners themselves and are empathetic and supportive towards newcomers.

For those seeking an active pursuit and a new skill, we offer training in two distinct combat styles and competitive fighting. You don't have to take our word for it—check out our background.

Our freestyle Kickboxing style is, in our view, incredibly versatile, as evidenced by Michael Page 'MVP' (chief coach), a professional MMA fighter and boxer.

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