At our academy, we are committed to offering the most comprehensive age-specific martial arts training for children. Our goal is to establish measurable physical, intellectual, emotional, and social results for every child, fostering a positive and supportive training atmosphere.

What sets our children’s classes apart?

Our specialized classes cater to children aged 7 to 8, recognizing their unique developmental characteristics. This age group exhibits sharper focus and increased cognitive abilities compared to younger children, yet they are not quite ready for the challenges faced by older kids. Our tailored training addresses these specific needs, nurturing their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social growth. We focus on 8 advanced skills crucial for this age group: concentration, perseverance, courage, intensity, speed, agility, technique, and flexibility.

How do our Children’s Classes work?

Your child will engage in a tailored program that accommodates their abilities, training alongside peers of similar age. This ensures a more focused and enjoyable atmosphere, free from the constraints of younger or older children. By creating classes designed specifically for them, your child will feel comfortable and empowered to excel.

The Journey through Children’s Classes

Children follow a structured martial arts syllabus while honing the 8 advanced skills. With a total of 11 belt levels, they progress through each skill, learning to concentrate, face challenges, exhibit courage, perform with intensity, master speed and agility, refine technique, and maintain flexibility. This comprehensive education empowers your child to reach their full potential at their current developmental stage.

Advancing through the Children’s Classes

Consistency is key to your child’s progress. Regular attendance ensures proper development and high motivation. With five weekly classes available, makeup sessions are provided to prevent falling behind. At each belt level, your child must meet specific requirements for each skill and the syllabus to advance. Weekly skill stripes are earned as new skills are mastered. During the 8-week testing cycle, all 8 skill stripes must be earned to qualify for the next rank. With 11 belt levels in total, the average duration of training is approximately 20 months. This structured approach ensures a thorough and progressive learning experience for your child.

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