Women’s HD CrossFit

Women’s HD CrossFit
Hands Down Martial Arts Academy in Cobham and Epsom, Surrey UK
Full body CrossFit classes for women only

Women’s HD CrossFit is a full body workout using various different fitness practices for all over body fitness and strength. We believe there is no one source of complete body fitness and well being. Functional fitness combined with weight training, pad work and so much more is how we help people achieve full body fitness.

Our Mission

We want to build a community of women who want to get fit but still enjoy the pleasantries of life. No crash diets needed. A consistent and varied exercise regime & a balanced diet is all that’s necessary. It is very hard to stay motivated going to the gym, so by building this community it will help give the push and motivation you need, knowing your going to have people that want to see you taking part. This combined with the encouragement and instruction of our highly skilled coaches will have you seeing results in no time. https://handsdownacademies.co.uk/schedule/

You Can Do It Too !

We pride ourselves in catering for the everyday person and building them to the level of fitness they want to achieve. There is a growing concern of body conscious women who believe that anything outside of simple exercising such as walking and swimming is unacheivable. To those women YOU CAN DO IT TOO! Our HD CrossFit coaches are women who understand and some of which have struggled with body confidence before they found the club. They will mentor you through your doubts and give you an insight of their journey to full body transformation.

Meet The Coaches

Our CrossFit coaches are committed to helping people reach their full potential and we are very lucky to have such a great team. We have 2 CrossFit coaches, Rachel Wilkins and Vicky Frisby.


Rachel Wilkins

When Rachel Joined the club she was 5ft 3 and just over 17 stone. Having tried the gym, she was too body conscious and thought she was being judged. 
As a mother of 3 children she wanted to be healthy for her children. With this in mind she decided to do something about it.

” I went into the class it was fun, we were chatting and laughing but working hard. It became routine and I worked life around it. By restricting carbs and cutting portion sizes, the weight drastically fell off. Within the first year I lost 7 stone. My goal was only to start the woman’s class to loose weight, never in a million years did I realise it was the start of my journey towards my black belt in martial arts or the beginning of me becoming a Hands Down kickboxing instructor. I now manage the HD Cobham Academy including instructing the woman’s class where my journey began.”

Rachel Wilkins

“Hands Down gave me the confidence, a confidence I now pass on to my students in so many different ways.
I’m not naturally skinny, so I still have to work hard but I love what I do so it’s not hard work. Being fit is about enjoying the fitness that you choose, trying different things and making it part of your life.”

Rachel Wilkins


Vicky Frisby

Hands Down Martial Arts Academy in Cobham and Epsom,
Vicky Frisby Crossfit Coach

Vicky also started as a student of the club. She trained many years ago before falling pregnant and having to stop. Vicky came back to training some years later and signed up her son Thomas (4 years old at the time) to our little dragons program. She then continued to pick up where she left and work towards achieving a blackbelt.

Later she was selected and offered a position on the Hands Down Instructor Team and never looked back. Faced with many challenges, both health and injury related, never did she give up on her goal and is currently one belt away from her black belt.

Vicky has diploma in clinical sports and remedial massage therapy and has a certificate in sports nutrition.

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