Fundamental Programme

This programme is a great starting point for fitness, weight loss and confidence building.

If you’ve previously done a form of martial arts but have not done so in a while this programme is a great way to steadily re-build your skill set, fitness and conditioning.

You do not need any experience or minimum fitness level. Our instructors understand that for some people this would be their first impression of sport or exercise and are equipped to cater for you.

The level of training difficulty grows with you. We will keep increasing the level of challenge so you are always building. This means, unlike when you go to the gym and write down and record your progress on your reps, we take care of this for you. We monitor your growth to make sure you are always getting better so all you have to do is enjoy your session.

We know how to help you progress even with an injury. This Programme is great if you want to keep active but have a recurring, permanent or temporary injury. A-lot of people are told to believe that if you have an injury you should stop being active until it is 100% better but this is not correct. Yes you must rest and strengthen and in some cases treat your injuries, however you should do what you can to keep the rest of your body active. We will show you how to keep up your training so therefore only the injury gets rested and you still progress.

You don’t have to be aggressive or want to fightThere is a mis-conception that you have to be aggressive to take part in kickboxing. We encourage a respectful environment where each member remains empowered . You do not have to be aggressive to have the confidence to face confrontation or challenging situations. Martial Arts will benefit everyone as it balances out unbalanced characteristics, humbles the aggressive and gives confidence to the passive. Children learn quickly so if they participate early you are setting them up to be balanced adults. Contrary to popular belief  it is extremely beneficial for an adult to remain active as we get older. It is proven Martial Arts will benefit you both physically and psychologically. Hands Down is a major advocate for the overall mental health in our community.

Non- Contact and Contact are available in this training programme. We understand people might take part for fitness reasons or just to understand what they should do to keep safe without live action practicing. Although we would recommend eventually trying contact sparring it is by no way compulsory. You can progress at your own pace, some people may be interested in the contact aspect after just a matter of weeks and others may take years. Not building to some contact even light touch contact is metaphorically like doing football training drills but never playing a match. Fundamentally you will know what you are doing but will of course not be as capable as someone who has put it in to practice.

Our programme will get you in shape so there is no need to worry about being fit prior to joining. It’s commonly thought that you need to have a certain level of endurance before training with us …. We are here to tell you ‘No You Don’t’ . We have different abilities and ages but everyone starts at the same place and are strongly supported. You will not be made to feel inferior as we was all beginners once. Just stay consistent and we will get you there. . Most of our members have family members who also participate even if it was initially intended for one person in-particular.



Advanced Programme

We want you to achieve your Black Belt with us . Our advanced programme is designed to take you up to your blackbelt achieving as much as possible on the way. During your blackbelt journey you will experience; tough challenges, success, frustration, happiness, confidence , focus , discipline, respect , a sense of humility and conduct and much more. Being a blackbelt is not about being a ‘badass’ it is a journey of self development and progress.

Not only do we introduce you to more sparring, a higher level of intensity and difficulty of training, we also give you the skills and understanding to compete at a novice level all the way through to an international level if that’s your goal. We have British and World Champions training at our club as well as students who are blackbelts who have never competed at a national level, whatever it is you want to achieve our coaches will get you there.


1 Session Weekly
Unlimited Access

Great value for your money. Even if your not on our recommended unlimited programme you are still getting great value with are sessions working out to be less than £10 per class. Our 1 session Weekly Programme will mean you get one session per week with flexibility to change from week to week. Also a 2 hour weapons session once per month.

Our Best Seller is the Unlimited programme. This gives you access to both of our Academy locations, all of our set weekly sessions, additional weapons and our squad training sessions. This programme gives you up to 23+hours of training available per month.