Self Defence

Kickboxing is a very effective form of self defence but can take a while to master. Our self defence courses show you basic self defence in order to get away from dangerous situations safely. Our courses show you how to defend yourself fast and efficiently. 

Benefits Of The Course Includes

  • Greater awareness
  • Ability to reflect Confidence in body language
  • Composure in when faced with potential danger
  • Hand Hold, Grabs, Take Downs, Strikes and escapes
  • Knowing what to say to keep the situation under control
  • Fitness

and much more……..


Wouldn’t it be good to know your child has the best possible chance of staying safe?

In my experience over the years martial artist get in way less threatening situations than the general public. I believe this is because we martial artists walk and talk with a certain degree of confidence whilst still remaining humble which gives insecure bullies nothing to feed off. Ego and Insecurity are often the triggers that invites trouble.

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Upcoming Course

Self Defence Courses Launch

July 14th 2019 -Leatherhead Leisure Centre – All ages are welcome (under 10 must be accompanied by parent or guardian)


Only £15 for a 2 hour course

To book now contact us on or 03300589474

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