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Martial Arts Academy in Cobham and Epsom, Surrey UK
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Once your a member you can train at both locations

Hands Down Academies: Epsom

Our Hands Down Epsom Academy is based in the Rainbow Leisure Centre. You will find us in the activity room opposite the reception area. Our room has Red and Black training matts and a small seating area. if you are bringing a child you don’t have to stay in the room you can drop them off and go to the cafe that is located a few yards away.

Hands Down Academies: Cobham

We are based behind the Highstreet above the Cobham Yoga Studio. Their is a delivery road in-between the lemon tree and Barclays Bank if you’re coming from the Highstreet. If you are coming from the direction of HollyHedge carpark we are behind  the estate agents and the bakers. We have a red and black door and you will see a black and whites hands down sign. Find us on google there are some videos that can guide you to our door from the carpark or the Highstreet.

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