Juniors (ages 9+)

Juniors (ages 9+)


The Hands Down Junior classes caters for children aged 10 to 13 . Our Juniors follow the Belt Syllabus with Grading’s and Midterms taking place every quarter. We also ensure that there is a very strong element of the ‘Black Belt’ ethos throughout the classes. Working on the children’s confidence, self-esteem, concentration, discipline and focus which are all vital life skills for a successful transition into Secondary education.

Whats the importance of Junior Classes?

Offering children good use of their time and efforts at this age is very important. Children at this age have a lot of learning potential and in many cases a lot of energy. expose your child  to positivity as this can form what type of young adults they are going to be. Hands Down  install the values of hard work and persistence. There is a undertone of entitled attitudes in todays society we teach the youth that to be rewarded you must put the work in. Teaching this life lesson in a light and happy environment is what we do.

Once our students have completed the beginners course (kick-fit), we introduce sparring, Martial Gymnastics and Weapons with opportunities to compete at our Hands Down Inter-club. As well as the life skills already mentioned, teaching the value of setting goals and persevering to attain them is important. Our Junior classes are occupy their time in a positive way giving them the confidents to make good choices. We are very proud of the solidarity displayed throughout our Junior classes and the friendships that have formed. Hands down are also delighted at the feedback from parents. Their children are putting good use to the life skills taught to them on the mats, at home and school!

Activity and Incentive

Its important for Children to be familiar with being active. Schools teach an element of this but often struggle to keep the incentive and monitoring of progress. Martial arts offers this in a effective and unique way. With our belt system students can monitor their progress and have something to work towards. This works as a good incentive as the curriculum levels and criteria gets more difficult and varied. Without being aware of it children are working harder and learning more to achieve their goal of their next belt.

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