Boxing Classes in Epsom

Are you interested in starting boxing classes in Epsom? Here at Hands Down Academy, we provide numerous boxing classes for all ages and abilities. Our talented martial arts instructors focus on age-appropriate martial arts teachings for children ages 4 and up. Join us today to find out what our boxing classes in Epsom are all about. 

Hands Down Academy is a family run club named after a specific style of fighting. In most martial arts defending in combat is dependant on blocking, we are more dependent on our distance, timing and movement. This allows us to fight with our hands down as we are always two steps ahead of our opponents. We know how close our opponents need to be to make contact way before our opponents do. Our boxing classes in Epsom will train you to always be two steps ahead. 

No Experience Is Needed

If you have never been to boxing classes in Epsom before we would recommend that you start with our Kick-Fit Programme. This programme is specifically designed to be the perfect starting point, whether you’re wanting to better your fitness, lose some weight or build your confidence then this programme is ideal for you. Our Kick-Fit classes consist of basic, non-contact Martial Arts, Kickboxing and basic self defence. Our structured classes mean we can ensure that we tailor to all fitness levels and they are carefully designed to lay down the foundations upon which students can then build their advanced techniques. The Kick-fit course covers all of the core skills of the Martial Arts including technique, strength, balance, agility, flexibility and discipline.

Along with our boxing classes in Epsom, we also have a women’s HD CrossFit class which is great if you’re looking for full body workout. Using various different fitness practices such as functional fitness combined with weight training, pad work and so much more this class will work on your all over body fitness and strength. We understand how hard it can be to stay motivated going to a normal gym, so by building this community everyone is here to help give the push and motivation you need.

Our Academy Is Based In Rainbow Leisure Centre

Our Hands Down Epsom Academy is based in the Rainbow Leisure Centre. You will find us in the activity room opposite the reception area. In our room, we have red and black training mats and a small seating area along with somewhere to put your belongings. If you are interested in booking onto one of our boxing classes in Epsom, contact us at, or you can call us on 03300589474 and we will assist you with any queries you have.